Premium Black Dyed Bark

This premium dyed mulch is 100% dyed bark, with a fine texture. Our Premium Black Dyed Bark gives your flowerbeds a premium look that will hold its color longer. Bark mulches retain water better than other mulches. Pure bark mulches naturally fertilize your beds as it decomposes and helps with the pH level.

Playground Mulch

Ground wood chips for use on playgrounds and walking paths.

Pine Straw Mulch

Southern long needle pine straw, great for on steep banks, and around pine tree groupings. Sold by the bale.

Single Ground Hardwood Mulch

Very course mulch that is recommended for steep banks and wooded areas. Produced from the byproducts of the debarking process at a lumber mill, the hard wood mulch is ran through a grinder for a course grind.

Color Dyed Mulch

100% Hardwood dyed black or red.

Non-toxic to the soil, plants or animals.

Hemlock Mulch

This versatile product can be used as a landscape mulch or an additive to potting soil. Hemlock bark has a ph level of 5.1-5.8 which resides within the recommended level for quality potting soil. The organic matter within hemlock bark falls within the recommended 30% - 70% range, which is ideal for composting. Hemlock Mulch is a natural deterrent to many types of insects.

Pure Bark Mulch

Aged for one full year, with a fine texture, our Pure Bark Mulch gives your flowerbeds a premium look. Pure Bark Mulch retains water better than other mulches. Pure Bark Mulch naturally fertilizes your beds as it decomposes and helps with the pH level.

Natural Hardwood Mulch

Produced from all natural aged bark and hardwood that provides a premium organic base for your flower beds. No recycled wood fiber is used as a substitute filer.