Tru-Wood Pellets

Our Wood pellets are kept dry under roof.

Tru-Wood premium wood pellets are a superior product compared to standard and utility grade pellets because they have…

  • Higher-bulk density
  • Greater durability
  • Lower levels of moisture
  • Lower levels of inorganic ash
  • Lower percentage of fines (particles that could cause inconsistent burning or cause blockages in heating systems)

Energy-efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly, Tru-Wood Pellets make an exceptional fuel choice for pellet stoves. Because we use only kiln-dried hardwood sawdust in our pellets, we have optimal control during the manufacturing process. That ensures you’ll get a consistently superior product on each and every order.

Made in Pennsylvania

Grade: Premium
Material: Hardwood
Ash: Less than 0.5%
BTU/LB: 7900-8400

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